BMBF GO-Bio Award 2018

The start-up project “RecTech” of Prof. Dr. Frank Buchholz was nominated for the prestigious BMBF GO-Bio award in 2018 comprising a funding volume of over 3 million Euros within the first three years. The high competitive award was granted for an innovative genome-editing project developed in the Buchholz lab. In many years of research, site-specific recombinases (SSRs) have been developed as an efficient and safe genome-surgical tool. SSRs are enzymes that precisely cut and paste DNA at defined target sites. In particular, these designer recombinases can be applied to treat monogenic diseases. Currently more than 8,000 gene alterations are known that trigger monogenic diseases and thus, can be therapeutically addressed by genome editing. The here planned establishment of a SSR platform will foster the development of new gene therapies for many, so far incurable, diseases. With the support of the start-up service “dresden|exists” of the TU Dresden, the team of Prof. Buchholz was able to prepare a promising business concept that convince the reviewers and the expert jury of the anticipated high clinical as well as economic potential of the RechTech project.

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