Bridging funding gaps: MSNZ Clinical Fellowships

The Mildred Scheel Early Career Center P2 (MSNZ) is funding motivated scientists and medical doctors in translational oncology since 2019. Eleven research groups with more than 30 team members are being supported on campus so far. Five research groups are led by physicians in advanced medical training, so-called Advanced Clinician Scientists.

Combining clinical duties and research is always a balancing act and often only possible through protected time for research. The Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus of the TU Dresden already established programs to support a medical doctoral thesis or protected time for research for assistant doctors from the third semester onwards. An overview of the individual programs is provided by the Dresden School of Clinical Science (DSCS), which as an umbrella organization that coordinates the interaction of the programs on campus. There are however still gaps between the various funding schemes, which the MSNZ would like to bridge with the Clinical Fellowships. To this end, the Early Career Center provides support in terms of personnel and travel funds for 6-12 month. These can be used to learn certain techniques and procedures in international laboratories or within the Dresden campus in order to establish them in the own laboratory or back in Dresden.

To apply for Clinical Fellowships please send a application with CV, letter of motivation and project description to For application modalities and details please check out the MSNZ homepage. For questions feel free to contact the MSNZ team.

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