esiRNA Technology

esiRNA is a powerful tool for gene function studies and different silencing triggers have been developed to elicit an RNAi response in a variety of systems. esiRNAs are enzymatically prepared siRNAs, resulting from digestion of long double stranded RNAs with an RNaseIII family enzyme in vitro.

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BAC–tagged cell lines and plasmids

The interpretation of genome sequences requires reliable and standardized methods to assess protein function at high throughput. We developed a fast and reliable pipeline to study protein function in mammalian cells based on protein tagging in bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs). The large size of the BAC transgenes ensures the presence of most, if not all, regulatory elements and results in expression that closely matches that of the endogenous gene.

For BAC–tagged cell lines and plasmids please send an e-mail to Frank Buchholz

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