Felix Lansing awarded German Study Prize in Natural and Technical Sciences

Dr Felix Lansing has made a groundbreaking contribution to cell and gene therapy, for which he was awarded 2nd place in the Deutscher Studienpreis by the Körber Foundation. “In my dissertation,” outlines Dr Lansing, “I developed a new molecular scalpel for the treatment of haemophilia, which cuts precisely and at the same time repairs without errors.”

Dr Lansing’s work paves the way to be able to apply this technology broadly and enter a new era of genome surgery. In this context, the molecular biologist has co-founded the start-up RecTech GmbH, with which he “plans to advance the technology to treat genetic diseases and thus establish new, innovative therapeutic options for previously incurable diseases.”

The Deutscher Studienpreis jury was impressed by the planned application and emphasised the comprehensible presentation of this socially relevant topic. Dr. Lansing thus prevailed against 609 competitors. The award will be presented on 12 December 2022 by the President of the Bundestag and patron Bärbel Bas at the German Parliamentary Society in Berlin.

Congratulations Felix!

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