Dr Felix Lansing has won the Science Award of the City of Dresden in the doctoral category and was honoured for his dissertation work “Wie neuartige Gen-Skalpelle die Gen-Therapie revolutionieren – Directed evolution of site-specific recombinases for precise genome editing and rearrangement”.

In his thesis work, Felix Lansing developed a new type of highly precise gene scalpels. These recombinase-based gene scalpels work very precisely and efficiently and can thus edit the genome much more accurately than CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

Within his dissertation, Dr. Lansing tested a first possible application in combating a severe form of haemophilia (haemophilia A). He proved that there is a chance of curing the world’s most common blood clotting disorder. Furthermore, Dr Lansing’s work has explored applications for curing other genetic diseases.

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Press release of the City of Dresden